Things have been quiet around our house lately. We have been preparing for the cold and the rough Minnesota winter that is ahead of us. Our few cows that calf in the fall have had their babies and we have been blessed with numerous heifers this year from both fall and spring calving.
A few weeks ago we got back from the Minnesota Beef Expo where we brought a few miniatures for the first time. We had a great weekend and talked to many people who were interested in learning more about the breed.
We are anxiously waiting for next calving season and we hope for the best. Hopefully the Minnesota winter is kind to us this year!

Have a great Thanksgiving and we wish you the best for the months to come!
We are still busy getting ready for the Iowa State Fair.  We will leave on Thursday morning for the Minature Hereford show.  We are bringing four animals down and two will be on the auction.  Check out our For Sale page to see what we are auctioning. 
Hope to see you there!!!
Congratulations to our daughters who did so well at the county fair!!!

Abby took Grand Champion Heifer, Reserve Champion Steer and Grand Champion Beef showman.  Her miniature steer also received a Grand Champion award at the carcass show.  The ribeye on her steer measure 12.2 inches beating out several full size steers.  The steer weighed 775 and had a ADG of 2.1 pounds. 

Emma took Grand Champion Cow/Calf pair, Grand Champion Steer, Rate of Gain, and Overall Grand Champion Steer.  Her steer had a ADG of 3.85 pounds per day.  She also placed first in the beef interview. 

We are proud parents...
Our cow Bella has been in the shed for a few weeks waiting her calf's arrival.  She was due on February 19.  After a huge ice storm last night, wicked winds and several inches of snow, the calf decided to come.  Must be the atomsphere change!!  We weren't even there for the delivery.  We checked the cow cam after lunch and happened to notice that there was a calf standing next to her.  Those are the kind of deliveries that cause a lot of excitement around here.  We all bundled up and headed out to say hello to our leap year baby.  Jim went ahead to check on the baby and see what momma's temperment was.   Jim came out of our shed with TWO THUMBS up, which around here means "It's a HEIFER!!"    The calving year is starting off on a good note....
The calf's name is going to be LAH Disco Dottie.  Disco is from her father Disco Kid and Dottie is for the dot on the side of her face and for my grandma Dorothy who is also called "Dottie." 

The "cow cam" is set up and ready for calving season.  This camera sits right next to the bed so we (mostly Jim) can keep a watchful eye for any Mommas that may need help calving.  Sometimes with miniatures the moms need a little more help than regular size moms, especially when they have big calves.  We currently have an overdue Momma in the pen and are patiently waiting for her to calve.  Check back over the next few weeks as we have almost 8 cows due to calves.  We may even post some footage of the births, too.  Here's hoping for a year full of heifers!!!

P.S.  If you are looking for Abby's bunnies, she got her own website.  She has 5 litters of bunnies due the first week in March.  Exciting stuff and some cute bunny pics, too!
We are busy getting ready for the Iowa State Fair.  This year, our friends Laura and Shawn Meyer are coming along, too, with their sons so it will be fun to catch up.  We are bringing along a new herdsman so hopefully he can measure up to the past herdsman and do a good job.  Iowa is one of the biggest shows in the Midwest so it is tough competition but it is always fun and a learning lesson for our family. 
The new baby bunnies are finally out of their nest and hoping around. Rose has been keeping a close eye on the trouble makers and trying to keep them in their nest, but some days they sneak out on her.
The three little trouble makers!!
Here they are making a plan to escape the nest, but Rose was standing right outside the door.
Here is a picture of my new Thrianta babies.  Unfortunately two didn't make it through the cold spell.  So here is the picture of the three in their nest.  Momma does a pretty good job of keeping them warm and covered with her fur and LOTS of hay.  We try not to disturb them but it is also good for Momma to see that we are checking on them and try to make sure they are all moving.  This week their ears are bigger, they have beautiful red fur and they really look like bunnies.  I plan to show one as a junior at the fair but will have two others available for sale.

The babies have begun to arrive at Lakes Area Herefords. We have had two baby calves born and twelve more to go.  Its been a battle to keep the babies warm and alive in this below zero weather.  We have three in the pen to calf this week so hopefully they have their babies before the next cold spell hits on Thursday.  Gotta LOVE Minnesota winters!!!!!!!!!!!
Diego - Our first 'KAP Disco Kid' bull
Stormy - Our first 'About Time' heifer

My first litter of Thrianta baby bunnies were born this week.  Mom Rosy was busy most of the weekend building their nest with hay and her own fur.  Luckily she held off until the weather was warmer, like 80 degrees warmer.  The temperature went from -30 up to 50 degrees.  I have tried to stay out of the nest but I did a count and I believe there is five of them!!  I check occasionally to make sure there is still movement under all the fur and hay.  They don't have fur now but hopefully in a week they will have fur and I bet they will be adorable.  I am now the official owner of 9 rabbits!  If anyone is looking for baby bunnies they will be ready for there new homes in 8 weeks. These little guys will be great show bunnies with big hearts!  Pictures coming soon!