Our cow Bella has been in the shed for a few weeks waiting her calf's arrival.  She was due on February 19.  After a huge ice storm last night, wicked winds and several inches of snow, the calf decided to come.  Must be the atomsphere change!!  We weren't even there for the delivery.  We checked the cow cam after lunch and happened to notice that there was a calf standing next to her.  Those are the kind of deliveries that cause a lot of excitement around here.  We all bundled up and headed out to say hello to our leap year baby.  Jim went ahead to check on the baby and see what momma's temperment was.   Jim came out of our shed with TWO THUMBS up, which around here means "It's a HEIFER!!"    The calving year is starting off on a good note....
The calf's name is going to be LAH Disco Dottie.  Disco is from her father Disco Kid and Dottie is for the dot on the side of her face and for my grandma Dorothy who is also called "Dottie." 

The "cow cam" is set up and ready for calving season.  This camera sits right next to the bed so we (mostly Jim) can keep a watchful eye for any Mommas that may need help calving.  Sometimes with miniatures the moms need a little more help than regular size moms, especially when they have big calves.  We currently have an overdue Momma in the pen and are patiently waiting for her to calve.  Check back over the next few weeks as we have almost 8 cows due to calves.  We may even post some footage of the births, too.  Here's hoping for a year full of heifers!!!

P.S.  If you are looking for Abby's bunnies, she got her own website.  www.abellerabbits.com  She has 5 litters of bunnies due the first week in March.  Exciting stuff and some cute bunny pics, too!